The New Young

Crimson lip colour Rosy blush and heavy mascara Flung them off behind Into the air, all into the air Fake smiles and surprises Chitty chats and flowery galas Thrown them away as I climb higher Higher onto the mountain with nothing Nothing but good air Where I smile when I smile And chant what I… Continue reading The New Young

The Worrier II

If only, if only If only tears shed could cleanse the soul If only steps you took were all seen and appreciated If only, if only If only you had more trust and confidence If only you looked inside for resonance If only, if only Copyright © MW the Mermaid. All rights reserved.

The Real Saviour

I climbed mountains I swam across seas Spring moist didn’t stop me Neither did the winter freeze I walked a million miles I looked and looked In search of a saviour In search of a solution Mud on my face Muscles in my arms My old boots now my skin My torn jacket now a… Continue reading The Real Saviour