The Bin

If you can let go of stuff so easily Why can’t you live without those memories Dump them into the sea Like you dumped old stuff in that bin Cut them off Cut them clear Let them all go Leap Copyright © MW the Mermaid. All rights reserved

The Scented Girl

Spring sadness Heart drunk in spring sadness Speechless I’ve left myself speechless Chilly evening rain Shaky iced vodka Sweet dreams or nightmares A picture without colour A blossom too old An ice cube that’s not cold Million words behind her grim smile Perhaps her confessions, perhaps her rejections Rock, rock, rocking Sway, sway, swaying But… Continue reading The Scented Girl

The Lyrics in the Air

I wrote a song I bled every word How he looked when he finally walked away How it rained when I realised my heart was gone I made a paper plane I flew the heartbreak away Deep breaths Everything’s okay But why Really why Why did someone pick it up Picked it up and sang… Continue reading The Lyrics in the Air

The Casa

Finding home I’m finding a home Without odour Without nuisance Finding somewhere To be my home A few pairs of worn shoes A whole backpack of melancholy I hug myself So cold, so warm I dry my tears Helpless then back to fearless Finding home Searching the world Somewhere I’m cherished Somewhere I’m the priority… Continue reading The Casa