The Horologist


Rotten apple
Frozen tea
Locked diary
Drowned key
What happened happened
They arrived and left timely

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The Taking Off



Don’t get me wrong. I work hard at work.
However, I’m totally aware that no matter how hard I work, this isn’t what I’m looking for.
It’s my boss’s dream, my boss’s vision, my boss’s plans, my boss’s ideas (provided by me), my boss’s decisions (which are always very different from what I think), in short and quite literally – it’s my boss’s business.
There’s something I want to do. I have goals. I have visions. I have ambitions. I’m an individual with my own equally worthy dreams.
However well-paid you are at your job, you’re merely getting your job done, rather than dreaming your dream of your own will.
It’s your life. Live it for yourself, not your boss.
Do your own thing. Make your dream come true.
Take off =)