The Climb

Clouds behind clouds behind clouds Mountains after mountains after mountains A start with no end An impossible mission But swollen eyes can’t get me to the other side Neither can endless whines I bite my teeth Pull myself up and climb Copyright © MW the Mermaid. All rights reserved Advertisements

The Tangible Intangibility

I have a dream That one day I wake up at a desired time Instead of rushing through morning routine and commute I stretch, enjoy breakfast, and have a morning walk I have a dream That one day I absorb sunbeams, breathe grass, and digest nature I have a dream That one day I walk… Continue reading The Tangible Intangibility

The Esteem

Hopping Jumping Arms stretched Neck lengthened Attempting to reach a certain height Endeavouring to be seen and heard Curious movements of the ground Followed by gasps and imbalance Platform rising Downward wind against head and shoulders Heart lifted in joy Position lifted to new height Copyright © MW Concepts