The World of Infinity

I can do it And I will do it I push my head under water I kick myself into launch Ripples and waves Riddles and songs Flow of water Flow of ideas I dive into serenity I sink into a world of infinity Copyright © MW the Mermaid. All rights reserved. Advertisements

The Interview with KC II

KC: What are your thoughts on love and relationship? MW: We think when outside of any romantic relationship. When nearing or in a romantic relationship, we feel. When outside of a relationship, I think too much. When nearing or in one, I think too, but usually at the end it’s my feelings and instincts that… Continue reading The Interview with KC II

The Interview with KC

KC: What’s your favourite movie? MW: A great movie makes you feel and think for hours or even days. A breathtaking movie, like my favorite ones, leaves the deepest thoughts in your head about life, for life. Le Temps Qui Reste, Time to Leave in English, a French movie in 2015 doesn’t tell the audience… Continue reading The Interview with KC

The Disguised Blessing

I thought something was missing I thought I had something less Until I’ve bled these words Until I’ve shared how bad it hurts It’s a disguised blessing I’ve made the survivors heard Copyright © MW the Mermaid. All rights reserved.