The One in Seven Billion



I stop and watch

Seven billion people


In different directions

On the same road.

Where are you?

Some stop by

To say ‘hi’

Followed by a ‘bye’.

I stand there and watch

Heads coming,

Heads going.


I look down

And turn around.

I still see

Seven billion people


In different directions.

To my surprise,

I see you

Instead of walking past,


As surprised as I am.

Is it you?

We don’t care

About all those seven billion

Walking people.

Eyes locked,

We cross the road

Towards each other.

Though there are seven billion people

Walking in all directions,

I see you. 

The Rebirth




I fell and hit the ground.

I picked myself up.

I fell again

So hard.

In tears, I got up.

I got pushed

To the ground.

I screamed and cried

And quietened down

And got up.

Again and again,

I fell,

I got pushed,

I lost my balance.

Felt like infinity.

Felt like.

Thus came the comprehension –

It’s not about falling,

It’s about getting up.

Whether it makes you feel fly or hurt,

Live the moment.

The Right Time




Thank you

For entering my life at the right time

To help me through difficulties

And celebrate victories with me

Thank you

For all the memories we had together

Unforgettable, either good or not so good

Thank you

For letting me go at the right time

For I got the chance

To meet the right guy

At the right time

The Bridge




A bridge between us

So we can see each other

Anytime we want

However we can’t truly look

At each other’s eyes

Or face or mouth while talking

We don’t know

Whether the other is happy or sad

Angry or indifferent

We can’t hug or feel

Any warmth or coldness

We always see each other

But we never do