Insomnia by Silian Wong

Half human, half fish,
The mermaid floats
Under million stars

Rain water, sea water, tears
Away away, wash them all away
All those scars

Where are you, my angel
Exhausted, lost and overwhelmed
Please, save my soul

When midnight strikes
Her music awakes the world
Her aura heals souls

Stay with me, stay with me
We keep each other company
Under billion stars

Tu es le grand soleil
Je suis une petite fleur
Every day, every night, dear

Close your eyes, breathe
Spread your arms over the grass, listen
Put your feet into the river, feel
Under the blue, blue sky
We heal


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Lyrics of track #2 Rainstorm:

Lyrics of track #4 She:

Lyrics of track #6 Soleil:


❤️ Enjoy ❤️

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