Note to Everyone

As you might have noticed, recently I have slowed down my posting a lot than before… no new post for two weeks now. I’d like to let you know that I’m going through a few things in life and taking care of myself. I promise I’ll be back on track. Perhaps gradually, not posting every day starting tomorrow. But bit by bit I’ll get back on track. I want to and I will. Allow me some time. I will.

Let’s be strong.

MW the Mermaid

20 thoughts on “Note to Everyone

  1. Dear One, I understand. I’ve heard it, too. It begins with the faintest of faint voices, whispering words that are barely audible. As time goes on, like a self-tuned radio, the whispers become audible and the message is clear, “Warning, unless corrective action is taken immediately, an accident awakes.” It is sad to say, but many of us, ignore those warnings, because we’ve placed other people and things above our own true needs. It takes courage to acknowledge your bodymindsoul needs, and to communicate them to others. Love and honor those needs, and treat yourself with kindness and gentleness. If it’s no posts for a while, or one, every week or two, we will be here when you return.

    Blessings, ❤️ and 🙏🏽, Lydia

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