The Interview with KC II

KC: What are your thoughts on love and relationship?

MW: We think when outside of any romantic relationship. When nearing or in a romantic relationship, we feel.

When outside of a relationship, I think too much. When nearing or in one, I think too, but usually at the end it’s my feelings and instincts that win over reasoning.

KC: What’s life to you? Afterlife? Soul? Next life?

MW: Life is now. Life is problems, difficulties, challenges, obstacles, uncertainties. Live it. Put your heart in it.
Afterlife? Soul? No one knows. We are not even quite sure about this one.

KC: What’s your worth in this world?

MW: How I influence people around me, and the people around them, and so on to the crowd, to the community, to the world, to the next generation, and the generation after that, on and on. Not everyone is capable in doing this of course. But let’s all try our best and do our bit. Bit by bit, step by step, let’s make it a better place.

KC: What’s the most important thing for every individual?

MW: Observe, think, learn, improve.

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