The Interview with KC

KC: What’s your favourite movie?

MW: A great movie makes you feel and think for hours or even days. A breathtaking movie, like my favorite ones, leaves the deepest thoughts in your head about life, for life.

Le Temps Qui Reste, Time to Leave in English, a French movie in 2015 doesn’t tell the audience a story, it asks them questions; it triggers thoughts; it leaves marks. Why do we exist? How do we exist? Why do we live? How do we live? What is life? Does life go on?

What makes us us?

The Triangle, an English movie in 2009 with relatively less shocking themes. Also about existence and purpose, it shows the vain quest for too many wishes with limited time and strength.

KC: Well said.
Time To Leave will be my movie to watch tonight.

The Triangle is great, that ending.

For me, movies are all about expressing ideas. Ideas that may change the world, or just simply change someone’s thought on how should we live.

My favourite one is The Truman’s Show. Trapped or not is just in the blink of an eye. Choices are there for those who dare. But I am not ready yet.

Another is Man from Earth, which always connects me to some Wesley’s crazily mind blowing ideas of origin of humans. What’s life? What’s soul? What’s it like afterlife? Maybe you are actually one of them?

Finally is Life is Beautiful, an Italian movie about time at WW2. A touching movie. Sometimes, we must laugh no matter what happen, right?

For movie series, Lord of the Ring, and Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

MW: The Truman’s Show is indeed a masterpiece. Man from Earth will be the next movie on my to watch list.
Fun fact: The Dark Knight, the second of the trilogy, is the only movie I’ve watched twice in theatre.

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