The Climb

Clouds behind clouds behind clouds Mountains after mountains after mountains A start with no end An impossible mission But swollen eyes can’t get me to the other side Neither can endless whines I bite my teeth Pull myself up and climb Copyright © MW the Mermaid. All rights reserved

The Reflection

Grey and gloomy Damp and stuffy Car horns and puddles Odour and dazzles The kid dropped his paper plane He bent down and saw it upside down The same city But a different sky The same cars and marching people But with lighter spirits He saw it In opposite The child We all missed Copyright… Continue reading The Reflection

The World of Infinity

I can do it And I will do it I push my head under water I kick myself into launch Ripples and waves Riddles and songs Flow of water Flow of ideas I dive into serenity I sink into a world of infinity Copyright © MW the Mermaid. All rights reserved.

The Grey-eyed Lady

She never saw Never at all The breathtaking stars and rainbow caught in her hair Her very long, always flying hair She never realised Never ever did The lines and spots left by winds on her face Her grey eyes focused ahead all the time Copyright © MW the Mermaid. All rights reserved.