The Frozen Rose

At the most beautiful moment
When we look back
We have the best to look at
Before it even blossomed
Only sweet memories are left
Appearance becomes fact

Copyright © MW the Mermaid. All rights reserved.

12 thoughts on “The Frozen Rose

      • And knowing the darkest too, it seems, sometimes. What you write here is really authentic. Sometimes it almost feels as though I had experienced a lot of these poignant scenes with some other eyes and heart. It’s hard to read, but this poetry is from the heart, and not from the heedless and selfish intellect. It is good to keep writing like this. There is no hypocrisy or gushing or arrogant idealisation. Sometimes the latter three vices make the worst of all, and most mediocre and cowardly. Here, it is just directness and heartfelt honesty. This is the purest kind of poetry to write.

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      • Thank you very much for this, Jonathan. It means a lot to me. MW the Mermaid represents the “wounded strength”. I once doubted my writing style as some of my pieces are rather sad and dark. Sam the Septopus, a companion of mine, reminded me that only after seeing the darkest dark can we fully understand the brightest bright. What you have said here reassures me of my determination of being my true self, writing my heart, and bringing my influence. Thanks so much. Cheers.

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