The Kite

My kite is so high
It’s no longer visible
So much of the string
Has been let go of
By my pride
The end is near
Why didn’t I pay more regard
To how beautiful my kite is
Why did I lose so much string
To the winds
To the unknown
It’s cutting into my skin
Pain is not in my hand
Pain is in my regretful heart

Copyright © MW the Mermaid 2016. All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “The Kite

  1. The kites, extension of our best thoughts, fly up in this glorious day of Light. They fly to remind us that the human being has ambitions beyond his earthly nature, ambitions that touch the highest heavenly spheres. Con our actions we can give to the world the tools in order to build a humanity worthy of God. Blessed Easter! Love, W.

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