The Mermaid’s Song

The Mermaid extends her tear glands
To her fingertips
Memories, guilt, pleasure, pain
To her fingertips
Her fingers dance
On her harp
Her fingers dance
On her golden Grecian gothic harp
The strings vibrate
To the beat of the Mermaid’s heart
The harp sings
To the tempo of the Mermaid’s blood flow
The Mermaid’s vocal cords in sync
With her tear glands
The Mermaid’s lips round to transform pain
Into the Mermaid’s song of sentiment
A heap of dark shadow underwater nears
The Mermaid is as calm as the starry sky
The dark shadow surfaces
Sam the Septopus
He listens with his eyes
He hears with his heart
The Mermaid’s joy, the Mermaid’s melancholy
The Septopus’s food, the Septopus’s lullaby
‘They’re coming.
They’re on their way,’
Said Sam the Septopus
To his goddess, to his Mermaid

Copyright © MW the Mermaid 2016. All rights reserved.

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