The Wait


Stars fly
Sun dances
I wait
Wind blows
Clouds dissolve
I wait
Beard grows
Nails curve
I wait
Wrinkles form
Muscles loosen
I wait
You told me to wait
You told me to stay patient
I keep looking, I keep waiting
Everything is worth it, nothing’s wasted

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “The Wait

  1. Ya just had to write a piece titled wait didn’t ya!! lol. It’s one thing to pray for patience n then wonder why it seems like things overload ya n ya wonder about that. Ya just can’t see it all when going through it. Ya know waiting has been the all out toughest on me. I hate that word the most!!!lol taking it up a notch n know France is a feeling things n I wanna go there n ya know what I’m getting at don’t ya!!!:))))


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