The Bath (18+)


Rub the soap
Caress the bubbles
Intoxicating steam
Warm water
Soft skin
Hard primroses
Round the curves
Mouth-watering delicata
Smell of flesh
Smell of lavender
Hot wet kiss
Hot wet shower
Both of us know what’s next
Just carry me to your harbour

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


7 thoughts on “The Bath (18+)

  1. OH OH MY OH OH SO SO SENSUAL!!!!! The contrast is the caps n as they say that’s screaming n I’m screaming plus factors in the UNLIMITED SENSUALS!!!!!!:))) Looks I gotta grab the whiskey n pour it on all the walls in this small town of my mind n keep on a suffering…drip drip drip!!!!!!


  2. Ya best better read my latest share update on LinkedIn underneath my feature piece. I also saw V.P. Biden’s speech on sexual assault on college campuses and that isn’t strictly related to those in college. It is a message for those in polar popsicle stands where they supposed to be adults but simply still carry high school mentalities. So, yes his fired up emotion on the topic fired me up as well. Maybe this worth a shout!!!:))))


  3. It’s great for writing!!! I don’t want to stay in that place. I want outta there and there is no dropping in my lap yet!!!))((. Saw yur comment as to LinkedIn. Ya better do that and that’s a whiskey laugh cuz that’s the wayyyyy it would be in the real!!!!:))

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  4. The combo of bees wax lip balm n lysine vitamin is attacking the cold sores. Actually doubling up on the lysine pill form ya know. But I goto mickee dees and I always get orange juice n well that gives me heartburn. I sip from the straw n its not like re opening them!!!!:))) just wanted to let ya know.


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