The Oxygen for Life (18+)


My mouth and nose are not for oxygen
They are for you
The whole of you
All of you
Fill my mouth and nose
With all of your passion
Suffocate me
With your love
Your red hot love
Your wild crazy love
We go on bed
We go on safari
Rides and games
Life and experiences
We breathe
We love

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


9 thoughts on “The Oxygen for Life (18+)

  1. Thats hot drippin caramel in the amusement parks where it all is completely on fire in dazzlin displays in the hotspots in a can’t get enough of it when two cats meet face to face!!:))) hugzzzz

  2. My hair iz in a phyliss filler frizzy on the Hollywood squares show in a flashback with Peter Marshall…lol. Let’s go cuz I can’t it one blasted second longer!!!!hugzzz xxx:))

  3. Glad that ya like the hot drippin caramel n I don’t know bout ya n I know it isn’t particularly great fur teeth but it has addictive taste n that is how I associate the metaphor:))

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