The Training (18+)


Push me
And harder
Suffocate me
And more
Make me
And better
For ya

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


10 thoughts on “The Training (18+)

  1. This is definitely my kind of spoiling in the suffocations that is required. Gonna say it n absolutely mean it lol the teases require immediate action!!!!! Like I said already I haven’t liked Wednesday’s for a long time and I want to see an all out movement on Tuesday before Wednesday even gets here. Thats as everclear as it gets. I want my all positive smoke break to start tomorrow so I can transition to not smoking cigarettes. Otherwise I can’t do it on my own. Is that not urgent enough to get this started tomorrow!!??:))


  2. Xtra clarity as to Wednesday I don’t want to contend with any more wednesday’s as it stands right now or I’m simply going to have to puke my brains n guts out. I’m sick n tired of that nonsense. I can’t help but to say that. I’ve had enough of that!!!!


  3. I’m glad that ya liked the latest comment cuz I can n will let ya what piece I can lead ya to n will that specifically ties it together. Cuz this area has been a hard cat on my soul. See what I’m saying!? I want it over with now n I mean now!!!!!

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