The Pieceful Memories


To the bin
To the bin
Our genuine memories all to the bin
To the floor
To the floor
Our childhood wish glass is no more
We part here
We part for ever
To our very own Edens

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


8 thoughts on “The Pieceful Memories

  1. That is ever so so so everlasting beautiful!!:)) now I’m gonna say something here and itzzz only fitting. I’ve been recording other muses in the fuses from Fuse Network now. I saw the video with Maria Carey and she is wearing cut off shorts too. I’m now into the Miami Ink segment as I’ve been sitting here working and posting things this early morn. What’s going on on the muse channels and I can’t get to all of it but I’m throwing money at the TV screen. I’m gonna say it right now because I’ve hated Wednesday’s for a long time and why can’t this end before Wednesday gets here. It needs to end before I end up in breakout tears. A private party is mofo required!!:) Gonna be posting an article from a former NBA player on my blog and check it out once it is up…k?:)


  2. I did n did two shout outs n that ought to have a bit of vitality to it!!!:)) itzzz hard right now to actually do any more actual painting in this peachy place. Though I’m gonna finish up the bath today. I’ve only got a tiny spot to do. I did like the walls in what I call the seamstress area like where the TV is n sewing machine are n where the actual gtr sits n the spot where i have desktop computer area setup but there is trim stuff and base boards and such to do. I’ve been reluctant in buying a bunch of tape to like hurry that up. I want some help in doing it….ya know what I mean!!:))))))


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