The Eyelids


Useless eyelids
Neither wipe anything away
Nor shut reality away
Chaos, pain, misery
Surrounding me
Closing my eyes
Can put nothing away
Perhaps when I open my eyes again
Perhaps when I let anything into my sight again
The view will be different
I will be saved
How innocent I am
How useless my eyelids are

Copyright Β© MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


10 thoughts on “The Eyelids

  1. Ya know girl these words they look so so so familiar to me. It’s always better to put the worst of the contrast on top n the best at the bottom of the piece. Here I go again n can’t help it is that it’s got backseat written all over it. Ya know girl…BOTTOMS UP… I’m better today but I wanna be saved right right right now!!!!:))


  2. When ya get held back in kindergarten w a bunch of stackers on top of that thru childhood n adulthood it certainly leaves one to believe I’ve conducted some language classes of my own. As to foriegn languages where would I be today if I had some positive reinforcements around me. Keep in mind girl some of it is unintentional while the other stuff has been intentional n malicious n that should have some directional consequences somehow. Some personalities need to be shaken up in a major way. I love yur comment and as always like plus status for each n everyone n it really makes feel like ya get me. Thats been like the hardest thing around here n ya can read thru something that can be interpreted in different ways. That matters to me. Hugs to ya girl:))

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