The Dream Girl

She was like a dream
Too good to be true
So tender so perfect
She made me a fool
She was a capricious dream
Too swift to be captured
So unexpected so fleet
She drives to the sky my needs
She was indeed a dream
Too good to be true
So intangible so flowery
She granted me an experience the most extraordinary

Copyright Β© MW the MermaidΒ 2015. All rights reserved.


18 thoughts on “The Dream Girl

  1. Thats n xtra plus piece n ya get xtra don’t ya? Cuz when ya have had ex’s ya gotta have n high definition feature that ya can always rewind in the backseat of your mind cuz when its reaching for the sky she knows a thing or two about taken care of needs left long ignored n overlooked for a complex man n sets the woman’s movement back 50 years in a take over n make a difference that set the record straight in a make-up artist like a genie spinning Queen

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  2. Uhhhhmmm…but ya know ya can only be truly thankful if it takes ya to the top n makes it a difference. Otherwise it’s null n void n who needs that!!!:) BTW I got a better smartphone n itz a ZTE ZMAX 2 n downloads were a snappin buzzin fast fur setup. That little LG I had had to go…lol…cuz I got activewear in the fashions going on here n that requires a smartphone w beef…:)

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