The Attitude


Stop and become stale
Move and hardly fail

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


10 thoughts on “The Attitude

  1. Morn to ya! This pack it perfectly in just in a few wordzzz. Sometimes one has to get super arrogant as a defensive shield but eventually when ya keep on movin n groovin ya can still be arrogant but it will blend better when hangin w a superlative crowd!! I gotta tell ya I got the vapor e cig kit but man O man I’m gonna need some transition help cuz I just can’t do it when I’m dyin to see a special k cereal w strawberries n sugga move into a life long been mofo overdue. I guess because I’ve been the waiter on tables in the spreads it might help to dump this bowl of cereal in your lap cuz I’ve been workin far too mofo long at this in the daylight n moonlight get to the hammock in the sways that matter the most!! Gotcha!!lol

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  2. In just a few wordzzz ya pack it exactly as it should be. Sometimes ya have to get really arrogant to create separation in a small town w small minds. But when ya keep movin in the groovin n get w a superlative crowd it will feel blend feel. I gotta tell ya I got the vapor e cig kit but I gotta have a little help to help w transition. Now it has come to this cuz when ya been waitin on the tables in the spreads in a thinkin of that special k cereal with strawberries n sugga to move in into a life from the daylight n moonlight to get to the hammock in the sways that mofo matter. Sometimes ya just gotta drop the cereal in her lap from being over driven to needing some long overdue relaxin n get some insulation on this bare buzzin wire around my soul fur a damn change!!lol. Gotcha!!

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  3. When I logged into WordPress it didn’t take it the first time n don’t know why!! So ya get the superlative in double fashion. I’ve waited soooo soooo long I’m gettin bubbly eyed. Why can’t it just hurry a bit quicker my satellite wheel is spinning so fast in anticipation. The real clock just can’t move fast enuff ya know!! Hugs to ya!! (———-)

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