The Sunk Ship

On the deck we hugged
Under the sail we loved
Strong wind
Wild amour
Teeth marks
Regenerative lure
Hard slaps
Pulled hair
Desperate yells
No air
Melting and falling
Dissolving and sinking
We jumped ship
We escaped
The ship disappeared
But it existed
The ship is no longer seen
But it’s there

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.

3 thoughts on “The Sunk Ship

  1. That’s right!!!! The past is always there but ya no longer have to see it with the eyes ever again. Love your take!!!! Check this out psych med celexa – sell-ex-ahhh!!!! Here is another. Vistaril – vista-real!!!! They wanted me to take them physically n said I did but wasn’t comfortable saying it. But I’m taking them as ya see mentally without that stuff going into my body. What do ya say about that? Pretty dang blasted good psych scripts in a keep the mind clear!!😉

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    1. Thank you so much, Don! Very well said. Indeed the past is always there. The pain fades, the gain stays. Take control of the experience instead of getting controlled by the past. Always ve strong and stay positive for tomorrow 😉


      1. Agreed but this grey cat isn’t going to go alone to Chris Young’s concert in Erie PA on October 30th just to go home alone. I’m sticking to my guns on that too. Its an old routine that needs to fly out the mofo window!!

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