The Pearl

I wish I had a pearl
A dearly delicate pearl
Pink, fine
Round, perfect
Just one
And I shall be content
Just one
And I shall be in peace
I open my lonely palms
I stare at my empty palms
How wonderful it would be
To have a pearl laid here
I push blood
Forward to my eyes
I thrust heat
Upward from my feet
Glittery dust
Sparkling smoke
My eyes are burning
My hands are shaking
Cold sweat
Hot tears
Here it is
Here it lies
Was in my dreams
Now in my hands
Everything is worthwhile
Everything pays off

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “The Pearl

  1. This absolutely sparkles and such a smooth in the feel laid out in this spread. After all, a pearl takes time to develop and in touch in metaphor it surely can have a touch of grey and kinda like a locket that has turned grey but with a picture in it that has now been opened to view.!☺ btw I gotta give an update at main campus as to unlimited data….k?


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