The Hearts from Russia

Peel and pop
Peel and pop
Like lettuce
Like onion
Layers and layers and layers
Inside my heart
Lays your heart
Inside your heart
Lays my heart
Hearts and hearts and hearts
Many and many and many
Today, tomorrow, till infinity

Copyright Β© MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “The Hearts from Russia

  1. That is absolutely dazzling I tell ya! Simply it means the layers of introversion that were added were there for protection. Its not to say introversion goes away. It just means the protection is no longer required in the layers that finally go snap crackle n pop especially when the polar freeze hits the heat. The ending of the piece is n infinity spinner that can bring a genuine smile!! Ya gotta get caught up on main campus n know ya probably a bit busy. A few words will do!!😊

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    1. Thank you so much, Don! An introvert whose skin regrows every time it’s peeled off by the outside world – no one will ever truly understands him/her – until infinity. Is it sad, is it good?
      Yes… I’m busier than usual these days… Always try to reply to you soonest. Thanks πŸ˜‰


      1. Plus xtra fur yur comment. The words is it sad is it good can be felt with each emotive. Ya want it to be good but sad can still come into play no matter what. Ya just don’t want a bunch of hardships to make ya sad, but ya can take a bunch of sadness and spin it around to happiness by showin ya had more value than what ya were ever given credit for.😊

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