The Quiet Observer


People come
People go
I keep quiet
Good deeds
Evil deeds
I hold my tongue
I never make a sound
But once I eye up
Once I open my mouth
A tornado is going to cleanse the worst
A spark of glitter is going to change the world

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “The Quiet Observer

  1. That is absolutely a perfect plus piece!! Quiet can be a good trait because one becomes a better listener. And with that feature you have a shield in place especially in regards to being surrounded by (oh so you know they be basically slow). So one needs the right outlet to make a difference to create positive change and also be a voice for those that need a little help cuz of a greater understanding in retreat modes. I have to tell you that the last four lines have an all out impact. It helps to take the storm to all the continent’s of the storm and when the time is right the tornado is going to get dark and ugly. Yes it is all about the sparkle and glitter but sometimes one has to channel the dirt out amongst an equally quiet crowd of observers that know all about being not being oh so flat out basic!!😊

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      • Glad ya dug the comment. See it goes like this too. One has to be an all around listener but however sometimes when speaking there is selective listening. That can really be problematic without a doubt! When ya can ya got some off campus stuff n some will require some smirkin n a laughin.☺

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