The Investment


You’re my only investment
However there’s no risk
You’re my only hope
However I’m the happiest person

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “The Investment

  1. Beautifully worded. As always I gravitate to it from the muse perspective cuz that is the sparkling arena as it’s it an all inside developer creator. From the overall side of each piece it’s definitely a mix breed n I work it in that manner as well. So yea investing in oneself can bring happiness but that usually never comes the way ya want it to come so ya just keep on suffering and maybe a little begging like a dog panting on a hot summer day with saliva dripping off the tongue might make a difference. In the meantime even as the weather turns colder that panting still exists n there is nothing ya can do about it. That’s about as life as it gets and after a bit ya just gotta lay down and whimper a bit!!!

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