The 24/7


Threaten me when I’m awake
Threaten me when I’m asleep
Torture me during daytime
Torture me during nighttime
No break
No end
Is it your fault to torment me
Or my fault to fail to run away
It’s like a spell
It’s like an intangible prison
I need oxygen
But you are open 24/7

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “The 24/7

  1. I was about to say, all your fault.. but then maybe not..
    Even if I am open 24/7 why would you stay? Run, fly away… Poisoning yourself, bit by bit, even when you call it intangible, then continue to stay with incorrigible-me.. is what I would call a self-inflicted punishment..


  2. This piece snuck in yesterday n didn’t we it till just now. Certainly I fully get this whole piece it can relate to a great deal of external factors such as ya mention as to n alcoholic n a three year old. My take is that ya run away from all the externals n ya run away far deep inside to create a shelter from all the external factors that have occurred. Ya just feel safer on the inside than on the outside. Gotta say the visual of the pic tugged at me n them tears leaving tributaries running down the cheek can seem like ravines. This piece of each word is definitely swollen on the mat n incredibly strong with feel!!!

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