The Nightmare Monster


Bloody fatal mouth
Crazy greasy hair
Look at him if you dare
He’ll flare
Your stare
Would light up his anger
Your curiosity
Would fuel his vigour
He cuts his hair
With a pair of rusty scissors
He puts the greasy lots
Into a gigantic boiling pot
He stirs the thick mixture
Which is bubbling with odour
‘Aren’t you hungry, child?’
His smiley face shows
His messy teeth and gold tooth
When he hands you a serving
Of your most unforgettable porridge
Because he’s the monster
Of your nightmare

Copyright Β© MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


12 thoughts on “The Nightmare Monster

  1. This is a easy n defining take n ya hit it w cat like fight fur sure. It goes like this: this is the porridge ya serve to mistreating kings n queens who act like children though they are adults but hadn’t been yet stereotyped. So it’s quite simple in that they are adult bullies n it can be a malicious game that ya gotta deal with n it just hadn’t been addressed as such so ya leave a homegrown tag right here for those spirit less bodies walkin the face of the earth. #Adult Bullies# what’s one gotta do to raise n awareness these days…!!!


      • Big push button like fur ya. No doubt trauma is the overall view of it all. Its like military vets that suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Though that’s a different arena altogether and surely I’d not be a candidate for military activity. And yea bully needs to be addressed cuz yea it can be torture when ya been in a concentration camp in factory . But ya can do a lot of concentrating on the other side of the equation to get political asylum and be set free. Tough stuff but hey ya get a smile ☺

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