The Salmon


Currents at face
Streams against shoulders
Forward is my plan
Forward is my goal
Everything against me
Everyone opposes me
Forward is my direction
Forward is my destination

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The Dream Girl


She was like a dream
Too good to be true
So tender so perfect
She made me a fool
She was a capricious dream
Too swift to be captured
So unexpected so fleet
She drives to the sky my needs
She was indeed a dream
Too good to be true
So intangible so flowery
She granted me an experience the most extraordinary

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The Sunk Ship


On the deck we hugged
Under the sail we loved
Strong wind
Wild amour
Teeth marks
Regenerative lure
Hard slaps
Pulled hair
Desperate yells
No air
Melting and falling
Dissolving and sinking
We jumped ship
We escaped
The ship disappeared
But it existed
The ship is no longer seen
But it’s there

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.