The Sweet Coincidence


Million flowers flying in the sky
Some descend while some fly high
Million flowers million scents
So many to choose from it doesn’t make sense
One lands on my palm the exact second I hold out my hand
Out of delight I decide to let it lie there all the way till the end

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “The Sweet Coincidence

  1. Wonderfully expressed no doubt n definitely two fold especially when no flowers have never been around n yet at the same time her chorus is all that matters n when ya get on America’s merry go round it can be like both are going in opposite directions n seemingly like never getting anywhere. But ya keep the ultimate dream in front of ya n when the petals inside blooms it finally lands in one hand n ya take walks on beaches n not have to be let go!!!😊😊


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