The Undulant


Look at me
Look at me once
Notice me
Notice my existence
You need a heart?
I give you my whole pumping heart
You need a kiss?
I give you my full longing lips
Grass grows, flowers blossom
I long for you, my Mr Darcy
Leaves fall, snowflakes fly
I long for you, my Mr Knightley
Springs wash my tears
Summers dry my face
Autumns clear my mind
Winters sharpen my vision
I have high goals
I have broad visions
I walk miles
And I aim to walk even more
Someone calls my name
And waves at me
I stop, turn around
And narrow my eyes
Smiley under the golden sun
It’s Mr Darcy
Imposing in tailored suit
It’s Mr Knightley
‘Oh, hey, you.
Long time no see.’
I shrug
I walk on

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “The Undulant

  1. I got all that without a doubt. It certainly is a tease but I think when one has been ripped apart ya just tease back when ya don’t really want to lay the cards specifically cuz when ya do its just a runaway game n ya just walk along on the same old dusty path ya have always known n nothing ever changes in the rust belt!!!…lol


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