The Predicament


When you turned away from me
When your cape swept my tears
Something had been sprayed on me
Some spell had been cast on me
I could not help
But stare at your direction
I could not stop looking
Though I saw nothing but a scene of deadlock desolation
I was doomed to stay
My heart was doomed to fade

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “The Predicament

  1. This really speaks in a loud rush. Predicaments is a twofold expression like good predicaments take forever to develop but bad predicaments don’t take much time when dealing w con artists on various levels. When it comes to two grey cats there comes a time for territorial sprayings. That is metaphoric ya know. Some riff raff cats just need a little spraying n two grey cats coming together out of desolation can make a difference. And ya know con artists haven’t experienced the chilli con carne artists n it’s a spiced up batch. That went pretty deep this go around!!!lol😊😊

    • Thank you for your prompt read, Don. It’s always a pleasure to see you stopping by. Point well made on good and bad predicaments! A possibility is, predicaments themselves are neutral. It’s people who give value, quality, viewpoint and interpretation to them. 🙂

      • I absolutely agree w ya 100 percent especially when value n interpretation come into play. I so do appreciate the value n interpretation. Big incredible like push buttons for ya!!😊😊

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