The First Priority


I want to be with you
This, my first priority
Now, always, forever
Today, tomorrow, till infinity
This might be selfish
This might be naïve
I know my heart too well
Too many times I’ve been failed
You are the goal
You are the destination
But what if destiny arces
What if this is not your dream situation
My first priority is mine
You are thine
I love you
More than anything
I love you
Truer than everything
My first priority
Is to be with you
Yet not preceded
By the happiness and bliss of you
My first priority
Is my first priority
Our first priority
Is you

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “The First Priority

  1. This has smoke more than beyond than being a backseat poet!!! How does it ever get to the front seat? Got no fear but it sure is an eluder. That’s a huge contrast…lol. that’s a thief line. It happens all the time:))


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