The Wrong Place


I landed
On the wrong land
I wandered
On the wrong land
Who I see
Where I go
I feel nothing
What I think
What I do
I don’t care about anything
This is a place
Which does not belong to me
I am someone
Who only belongs to thee –
My dream

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


8 thoughts on “The Wrong Place

  1. I love this on too. The wrong place n the wrong land can be seen in a variety of ways. My angle is this n that one can be in the wrong arena of how they have to make a buck. One can pigeonholes in n occupation that’s not the right fit of which ya are surrounded by complacency. It can wear on a person in a lot of ways. So the dream here is is be n entree pray neur as in entrepreneur cuz that’s like food for life. That’s the happy land n it can be n assortment of creative arenas to work in like doing reviews for bands…poetry etc. I’m sure ya get that:))

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  2. Another like for ya. I’m so thrilled that ya see it the same way as I do. I could tell ya so much more about being in the wrong arena. It certainly can mean flat out hardship. Eventually will tell ya how I came to WordPress about 3 years ago and why…OK:))

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  3. I turned to WordPress cuz I got tired of trying to place pieces w editors cuz I got no fixed address in the way I write. There are so many blasted variables of poetry that itz just impossible n sometimes it can be that maybe n editor didn’t have a great night the night before n well could be hard to please. Ya just never know n so itz creative thinking too. What else can a guy do!!??lol:)) from a serious standpoint I really needed to unload a quite a bit of grief. A guy like me that is n introvert sensitive incredibly shy has a tough battle to to find hope in the centerpiece of coming out of the closet to have a satellite moment in all the glows in the bedroom. I’m about as open as one can get. Hope your ears are feeling it:))

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