The Track


We go along the track
We row along the tack
Views next to the track are perfect
Views next to the track are nice
What lies beyond what we see
What lies behind what we see
We don’t care
We don’t know
The track is tradition
The track is life
It’s the track we follow
Along the track we row

Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “The Track

  1. Excellent this is fur sure. Certainly a lyrical feel for easy memorization. The visual of the track is the metaphor of the track in the mind of which is in tune with the muse. As ya see *tune* is the focus word here n ya can think of a visual like this: its a part in a box car going down the tracks. I wouldn’t be surprised if this visual wouldn’t get ghost thieved. After all the story of my life is to get taken advantaged of…lol:)

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  2. Yea would love to be able to leave the track but the way it works here in the Erie PA area is like this: when I walk the city streets n I’m a smokin a cigarette or even if I’m not its do ya have a cigarette n its as smokin as it ever gets here. Its like that’s the only time I get noticed….lol. The reason I’m so quick is writing related stuff is all I got going on on n off the paper at the moment. I’m a just waiting for a dream to lift off the paper n it hasn’t happened yet n it needs to hustle it up:)

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