Ask MW the Mermaid


Dear readers,

What would you like to know more about me? Favourite book, music, pastime? Leave your questions under this post. I will consolidate them and respond 🙂

Swim on,
MW The Mermaid


5 thoughts on “Ask MW the Mermaid

  1. We wold like to know your stance on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, Trident missiles and your favourite colour for those self-same missiles – I always found the grey white and black rather kitsh.


  2. Favorite book is more like a library of bukowski books n as to music retro 80’s n 90’s time period like skid row alice n chains slaughter. Hair metal bands. It was a great escape back then seeing concerts. Havent done it since that period. Wont go without a side kick. Wasn’t into country back then. It moved entirely too slow back in the day…lol:)


  3. I looked at this wrong…lol. So some thoughts some pics are definitely mythological n that certainly is a breeder ground. As to the other pics they appear as models n that is like a model of which puts two people together. I really can’t say exactly what fav book it be but I’d have to say something from the romantic era like Coleridge n maybe a little of Rumi!*!?$%*:)


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