The Tale of Vince Morrow

I would run home To pump him oxygen With my quill I would rush towards my desk To draw around him With my ink I would paint his picture With my sweat I would build his castle With my breath When I was fourteen He was my friend When I was fourteen He was my… Continue reading The Tale of Vince Morrow

The Secret Garden (18+)

Peach bras hanging from branches Straight strong hard branches Lace lingerie covered by mud Nasty dirty sticky mud Wild wild wind over the moors Mischievous smirks under the mountains Strength of steel my fresh oxygen Tenderness of charm your natural nutrition Copyright © MW Concepts 2015. All rights reserved.

The Heartbroken

I wore a heavy broken heart on my sleeve Crimson blood dripping to the earth beneath Black roses grew and blossomed Anywhere I was present I must have wandered too long I must have got my heart too broken Black roses are everywhere Black roses are counting into the millions Was I seeing it right… Continue reading The Heartbroken