The Labyrinth

Running away
From running
From escaping
Your poetry, your candour
My confusion, my anger
The only exit
Is a locked door
Between you
And me

Copyright © MW the Mermaid 2015. All rights reserved.

24 thoughts on “The Labyrinth

  1. However did I get dropped as a follower, I don’t know – but, I am happy to be back in the fold once again! I love your use of repetition – running from running, escaping from escaping. And the images that accompany your words are so incredibly evocative. Absolutely stunning!

    I especially like the third to last line – installed. It leads me to wonder whether this maze of confusion has been intentionally laid by the one she seeks (or is destined to find), and if that entity on the other side of the door (whether real or figurative) has placed this door as a final test, or perhaps the ultimate barrier that will never be overcome.

    In any case, you have obviously gotten me thinking – which is what I relish in any good piece of writing. Thanks for sharing, and it’s good to be back 😉


    • It’s great to have you back, Dave! Thank you very much for your deep reading and wonderful comment as always. Given the labyrinth runner is the passive side, she was tricked into such maze and fooled by her love; given the labyrinth runner is the active side, her way to end this exhausting hide-and-seek game is to lock the door between her and her love so they are free from each other. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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