The Allergic to the E Challenge

I’ve been nominated by bjgaulton to participate in the ‘Allergic to the E’ challenge. Thank you so much for the invitation but I’m afraid I’ve broken the rules (and so I break all of them :D) and entered the Page of Lame 😛 Anyway, here it is: Go, darling, go You’ll blossom, you’ll grow Run, darling, run… Continue reading The Allergic to the E Challenge

The Starlight Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated by aplis7 for the Starlight Blogger Award. Many many thanks 🙂 I’m very grateful getting nominated for an award for the 4th time. I appreciate each and every one of them humbly. The rules: 1. Thank the giver and link their blog to your post. 2. Answer the 3 questions given to you. 3. Please pass the… Continue reading The Starlight Blogger Award

The Best Response

Memories Mistakes Our dreams Our screams Tensions Cold wars Goodbye Hello again Begging and begging Dragging and more dragging Push and pull Tangled tango The blood never dries The wound never dies That’s it That’s all Shut the eyes, ears, mouth Shut every door The best response Is no response Copyright © MW Concepts