The Poet

They are watching
They are wiping their noses
They are weeping with me
From across the river
The feels I feel
The pains I endure
The words I bleed
They watch from across the river
Full of empathy
Full of sympathy
Full of compassion
They look from across the river
Yes they weep my weeps
Yes they hurt my hurts
Yes they sigh my sighs
They stay from across the river
A hand touches mine
His fingers trace my smiles my tears
His lips kiss my forehead and seal my broken soul
Here with me
Right here
Right next to me

Copyright Β© MW the MermaidΒ 2015. All rights reserved.

18 thoughts on “The Poet

  1. this piece speaks to me in a lot of ways. it reminds me of a piece i’d written about crossing the river. there is a sense of family in regards to empathy, sympathy, and compassion. the last three lines show hope has arrived for a new beautiful beginning.

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