The Girl Called Snow Red


The girl living on the 12th floor of Skyscraper Mansion
Crimson big waves
Proud eyebrows
Icy blue crystal eyes
Scarlet lip colour
Chanel diamond earrings
Swarovski heavy necklace
Tight tailored pomegranate mini dress
Blood red 6 inch killer heels
She opened the window to the street
A man leaning against his lava Ferrari
A bouquet of red red rose in the roadster
Her usual driver
Another man in his Armani tailored suit with sunglasses
Waiting with a present
Her usual delivery guy
And a few more
Her usual gardener, clown, repairman
To become her one true love
She closed the window
With a smirk
The gentlemen raced upstairs
Punching each other
Dragging each other’s well done outfits on the way
Her doorbell rang
Each of her lazy footsteps hit into the gentlemen’s hearts
Door opened
The gentlemen fought to get their own face to be the first one seen
She snatched all of the gifts
Chanel no. 5
Quick wit
She licked her lips
Door closed
The gentlemen knocked and knocked
Begging the door to be opened again
Wagging their impatient tails
Finally they left
But they quickly started preparing themselves for tomorrow
They would do much better than today
The girl living on the 12th floor of Skyscraper Mansion
The girl called Snow Red


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