The Convenience

In her baby pink fluffy floral dress,
She laid lilies, dandelions, tulips on the grass,
Arranging them with grace.
I showed myself from the rose bush.
She looked up and smiled.
I seated myself to admire her art.
A sharp peculiar scream and a range of messy footsteps
Scared away the floral girl.
I spinned my head around to find him on his white horse.
He jumped down, came close, knelt down
In front of me.
In my navy dress, I leaned back, about to flee.
You put a hand on my shoulder and whispered,
‘I apologise, my lady. Please stay.’
Panting, I stayed.
‘Oh, my lady. How elegant your art is,’
His eyes smiled at the flowers.
He put his strong arms beneath
To lift me to his white horse’s back.
I let him place me in front of him.
I let him kiss my forehead.
I let him take me to his blissful land.

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