The Uncatchable

The driver saw me 
But closed the door and went. 
No time to be shocked, 
My legs started a chase. 
The bus went fast, 
The bus went slow. 
I got outdistanced, 
I got closer. 
It turned, 
It stumbled. 
Chasing and chasing, 
The driver mocked me 
With heat and sand.

2 thoughts on “The Uncatchable

  1. I must say my mind was confused on this one based on past experiences. As I have said in the past, that is one of the things I love about reading another author’s writing. It means something different to every person. We see the words and interpret them through our own lenses on life, through our own observations and experiences.

    Unfortunately, this one brought back not so fond memories. I remember waiting for the school bus as a boy and watching a young boy race after the school bus that had just departed. He dropped his lunchbox, sandwich laying in the middle of the street, and he never did catch that bus to school on that day. Now, the bus driver didn’t intentionally leave him behind, but the boy thought so and perhaps that’s all that mattered to him.

    It makes me think about the things we experience, and how often we misinterpret reality because of those lenses that we look through. Sometimes they are rose colored, and other times they are cloudy and gray.

    I have rambled on long enough 😉 Although I am pretty sure this is not the interpretation you had in mind (beautiful image again though), it made me think and that, my friend, is golden!

    Thanks again, MJ, keep ’em coming. I am officially hooked 🙂


    • Dave, I am extremely glad you came across my blog and enjoy reading my works. Thank you so much for your amazing support. One of my missions is absolutely to move and to inspire. Believe me, I will continue to prove your choice right 🙂


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