The Milestone

Step after step, I walk every inch with blood, sweat and tears. People see but don’t understand. The destinations are so far That mirage is all I see. I remember where I started But I never look back. Eyeing straight ahead, Having walked miles, I fully understand there are many more miles to go. This… Continue reading The Milestone

The Irony

Working 9 to 6,  She sits there,  Type, type, type.  She knows it’s not her.  She’s a mover, a dancer –  A rule-breaker.  When she manages piles of paperwork,  Flowers emerge from her mind.  As she taps on the stiff keyboard,  Muse enchants her.  She may be sitting still,  She is actually spreading her wings… Continue reading The Irony

The Hourglass

As it ought to be,  Sand streams unstoppably away.  Blocked outside the glass,  We worry  In vain.  Time flies,  Sand slides.  What can we do?  We look desperatelyAs the last drop of sand slips away.  It’s over.  Dead end.  With curious consciousness,  We are amazed,  Realising we have never lost anything.  Not any sand,  Not… Continue reading The Hourglass