The Minds of Billy Milligan – Quotes

‘Only time will tell whether Milligan has played the world for fool or is one of its saddest victims… perhaps the time is now.’

‘A multiple personality is classified officially as a neurosis and not a psychosis. Multiples are not insane.’

‘Let’s find a choice.’

‘People make promises and then they forget.’

‘They’re not “personalities”. They’re people. When you call them personalities, it’s as if you don’t think they’re real.’

‘You’ve got to learn that there are some people you can trust. Not everyone, of course, but some.’

‘You could put hate to positive use.’

‘I don’t feel famous. I feel hated.’

‘He knew that whenever people were nice to you, you had to pay in the long run.’

‘I don’t have problem. I am part of problem.’

‘To control one’s own destiny takes a mastermind. To execute the plans takes a fool.’

‘Everybody’s a little neurotic.’

‘I don’t judge people that way, just as I don’t expect to be judged.’

‘Is not much better out there than prison.’

‘Everybody is mentally ill.’

‘By shutting out the real world we can live peacefully in ours.’

‘We know that a world without pain is a world without feeling… but a world without feeling is a world without pain.’

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