The Brassy

You barked.
Sounds were yelled at me.
I felt a glass protecting myself.
I felt vibration but understood no word.
Emotionless, I stared ahead blankly.
I started nothing, and remained unmoved.
I kept my class and composure.
You barked at the top of your lungs.
Serenity was always with me.

The Bang

Then nothing.
They were making fun of each other,
Playing with the overcooked broccoli,
Looking through the window to smile at fluffy clouds.
They were about to breathe new air and embrace the sun.
The confessions, apologies they were going to make,
The opportunities they were going to take.
Smiley faces and heartwarming feelings.
Their loves, their families, their dreams.
Then nothing.

The Choreographer

Pumping beats into my ears, 
My eyes are closed in pleasure. 
I feel every drop of music. 
My heartbeat goes parallel with the bass. 
A miniature me inside my head 
Moves to the music. 
Sitting so still with earphones on, 
They think I am just another visitor napping. 

The Culprit

No, it’s not you, 
It’s me – 
That sums up everything you’ve said to me. 
Whatever the problem is, 
It’s because of me. 
You did something wrong 
Because of me. 
You didn’t do something right 
Because of me. 
There’s a problem, 
It must be me. 
No, of course it’s not you, 
It’s me, 
Always me.